Service center JSC «NOVIY GOROD»

Service center JSC «NOVIY GOROD»

141190, Russia, Moscow Region,
Fryazino city, Zavodzkoy Proezd, bld. 3

tel.: 88002003164
web address:

Service Center JSC "NOVIY GOROD" provides warranty support of manufactured equipment in the entire territory of the Russian Federation in the nine federal districts.

Service Center JSC "NOVIY GOROD" is constantly working to expand their own competencies and actively cooperates with the leading manufacturers of components.

For maintaining a high level of services Service Centre regularly provides training of engineering staff for the partner companies, certification.

Our service partners:

The main objective of JSC "NOVIY GOROD" is the highest level of quality of manufactured equipment and its impeccable service, in connection with which a service partner imposed certain requirements: professional competence, availability of financial and human resources, warehouse space and other physical features, reliability, experience and reputation.

Simultaneously with the filing of the application for concluding a contract of service partnership Applicant Company provides:

  1. Copies of the following documents:
    • Charter with all the changes;
    • Certificate of registration of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur;
    • Certificate of registration with the tax authority;
    • A document confirming the credentials of representatives to sign the contract, primary documents and other documents for the implementation of the agreement (protocol / decision on the election of the executive body, the order to join the position of CEO, an order appointing a chief accountant, if necessary - letter of attorney);
    • Balance sheet as on the last reporting date and the auditor's report;
    • Passports (for individual entrepreneur).
  2. Extract from USRLE or USRIE (no longer than 1 month.)
  3. Information on the number of branches, offices, warehouses and their addresses.
  4. Information on the accounting system parts and processing of applications.
  5. Letter of the company's experience in the field of maintenance.
  6. Information on the availability of the required number of engineers, engineers areas of their presence (1 engineer for 50 devices in a particular territory) readiness to hold a paid trained by the manufacturer to obtain a certificate
  7. Letter of readiness to assume responsibility for violation of terms of recovery equipment (penalties - 0.1% of the equipment cost for each day of delay).