Discovery DSV- 57C

Transactional and informational terminal


Cash and non-cash transactions, such as loan payments, payments on accounts, utilities, taxes, and fines’ payments, etc. The device has a standard capacity and is intended for outdoor and indoor operation.

Technical Characteristics:

- 17" color LCD touch-screen monitor;
- External protective glass providing space for advertisement placement;
- Tamper resistant PCI keyboard with Russian language support;
- EMV-certified Sankyo motorized card reader;
- Thermal printer with Custom presenter;
- Banknote acceptor with a cassette for 1,200 bank notes (100 denominations);
- System unit: Intel 2.0 GHz processor; RAM 2 GB, DVD-ROM , HDD 160Gb, 300W power supply;
- mATX motherboard with integrated video, LAN, SATA, audio;
- Sound system;
- UPS unit (power surge protector);
- Tamper/access sensors;
- Universal bar-code scanner (2D);
- Video surveillance system;
- Additional service monitor with touchscreen;
- Safe deposit box with 1st Grade tamper protection;
- Floor mount;
- Ventilation and dustproofing system;
- Climate control package;
- Power supply: 220V/50Hz;
- Dimensions: 605x662x1748;
- Weight: 299 kg